Lijie Fan (樊立杰)

  • Ph.D. student in Computer Science
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Email: lijiefan[at]


    I am a PhD student at MIT CSAIL. I’m advised by Prof. Dina Katabi. My research interest lies mainly within machine perception and learning from vision and wireless signals. Previously I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from Tsinghua University.

  • Professional Services

  • Conference Reviewer: CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICML, NeurIPS, AAAI, WACV

  • Publications


    Making Contrastive Learning Robust to Shortcuts
    Tianhong Li*, Lijie Fan*, Yuan Yuan, Hao He, Yonglong Tian, Rogerio Feris, Piotr Indyk, Dina Katabi
    arXiv 2021  PDF / Talk

    Conference & Journal Articles

    (*: equal contribution)
    Unsupervised Learning for Human Sensing Using Radio Signals
    Tianhong Li*, Lijie Fan*, Yuan Yuan*, Dina Katabi
    WACV 2022 (To Appear)  
    When Does Contrastive Learning Preserve Adversarial Robustness from Pretraining to Finetuning?
    Lijie Fan, Sijia Liu, Pin-Yu Chen, Gaoyuan Zhang, Chuang Gan
    NeurIPS 2021   Project Page / PDF / arXiv / Code / TechTalks
    Controllable Image-to-Video Translation: A Case Study on Facial Expression Generation
    Lijie Fan, Wenbing Huang, Chuang Gan, Junzhou Huang, Boqing Gong
    AAAI 2019  Project Page/ PDF / arXiv
    Oral Presentation
    End-to-End Learning of Motion Representation for Video Understanding
    Lijie Fan*, Wenbing Huang*, Chuang Gan, Stefano Ermon, Boqing Gong, Junzhou Huang
    CVPR 2018  Project Page/ PDF / arXiv / Code / Talk
    Spotlight Presentation
    Towards Efficient Action Recognition: Principal Backpropagation for Training Two-Stream Networks
    Wenbing Huang*, Lijie Fan* ,Mehrtash Harandi, Lin Ma, Huaping Liu, Wei Liu, Chuang Gan
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP) 2019   PDF

    Adversarial Localization Network
    Lijie Fan, Shengjia Zhao, Stefano Ermon
    NIPS 2017 Workshop on Learning with Limited Labeled Data    PDF

    Efficient Optimization for Linear Dynamical Systems with Applications to Clustering and Sparse Coding
    Wenbing Huang, Mehrtash Harandi, Tong Zhang, Lijie Fan, Fuchun Sun, Junzhou Huang
    NIPS 2017   PDF / Code